Aroma Melts

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Aroma Melts are a great alternative for those who love the smell of scented candles but don't want the flame. Place 1-2 melts in your wax/tart warmer and enjoy! You can also create your own custom scents by melting different wax melts together. 

Melt Time: The burn time of our melts highly depend on how they are used. Also, the type of warmer that's used. As a rule of thumb, they will release scent approximately 10 hours per melt. The more melts you place in the warmer, the larger range of scent, but this will reduce the total melt time. So we strongly recommend one melt at a time. We estimate between 50 to 60 hours per pack.

6 Cavity Clamshells
Size: Approx. 3 oz