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Candle Parties

Hosting A Candle Party

Having a candle party is a great way to have fun with your friends while shopping from the comforts of your home! It's also a great way to stock up on all of your favorite scents!

Hostess Rewards:

1. Choose what you want with your FREE host credit.

2. Select what you'd like at HALF PRICE.
3. Enjoy an exclusive hostess GIFT.
4. Then get special PERKS at all parties booked from yours.
5. Even more savings when you JOIN OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

Types of Parties:

1. Home Party
2. Facebook Party
3. Online Party
4. Brochure Party
5. Basket Party
6. Office Pop Up Show

As you can see, there are quite a few party options available. Contact us for more information and details to get started with your own Indigo Scents Candle Party!

*1. Host pays applicable shipping/handling and sales tax. Party sales includes all guest purchases, excluding tax, shipping and handling.

*2. Receive 10% host credit with a minimum of $200 in sales and 1 booking within 30 days. For parties with a booking, host earns 15% host credit. Half price items and host rewards may not be purchased using host credit.

Click on the link below to download the hostess flyer: